Not feeling good in Topshop. Friday 28th June

A bit of a nightmare being in Topshop sale with teenager daughters. Every other person there has White Converse - the 'of the moment' ones with a red and blue fine stripe. I end up buying two pairs one for each daughter. Feel grumpy because I'd like some myself

Move over to the jeans section where daughter no 1 tries on countless pairs of Skinny and SuperSkinny. Am reminded that those for my figure shape are called 'Mom' jeans. Think I'll go for the 'Boyfriend' ones - they sound marginally less bad

Also confronted by rows of tiny bikinis and sundresses - none right for my 'mature' shape. To make matters worse, every person that alights from the escalator into this treasure trove of retail 'experience' looks fit and bouncy. I think I'll just slink off into a corner and eat a donut!

Is Co-Creation good for Women? Monday 24th June

Co-creation is all the fashion but 'putting your name' on an idea can also be quite important if you're a woman working in a team dominated by men. Otherwise there's a danger of an alpha male claiming your idea as his. All too often women have inspiring, 'on the nail' ideas but fail to 'own them'.

Ownership might seem like a dated concept but having the 'biggest' voice is an all-important concept in marketing. Woman often overlook the need to trumpet their ideas; they'll sweat at the thinking, display clever intuition and craft something appealing but by failing to brand the idea as 'mine' lose out on plaudits when the co-created work emerges

This happened to me just last week. Working on a pitch I envisioned a key chart ticking all the right boxes about the need, in the digital age, not only to tell but also to determine why people should care and share an idea. I got a colleague to do neat graphics for this 'amplification' concept but when the director saw it my tag wasn't on it! By failing to own the idea I missed the opportunity of promoting my clarity of thinkng and ability to show - on one page - and in a neat graphic our pitch's main story.

So friends I suggest that tagging your brilliant charts is a must. Being pithy and visual is so important -so when you've nailed that Infographic make sure you get the credit you deserve

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