Our mission is to connect organisations with audience motivations and behaviours through research that enriches customer understanding.

If communication is to change behaviour it must be grounded in the desires and interests of the receivers. Aristotle

We add value because:

  • We are a privately owned, flexible, cost competitive, ‘boutique’ agency
  • We ‘punch above our weight’. Our directors have marketing, research and business backgrounds and an ability to field a strong associate network when required

Actionable marketing insights

Our expertise offers key benefits to our clients’ research programmes

  • Depth of market research expertise and our nationwide network of expert recruiters means that insights are robust, well planned and delivered on time, and in budget
  • Use of psycho-social insights mean that extra illumination is provided and motivations and behaviours can be fully interpreted
  • Database skills
  • Wealth of experience of agency processes and creative and conceptual work
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