How we work

In essence, we work with you on:

  • A brief
  • A research methodology – the plan, the approach, techniques to be used, appropriate qualitative and quantitiative elements, analysis methods and reporting formats
  • We conduct the research or commission appropriate partners to do it then in a consultative fashion we craft relevant feedback
    • This usually involves a presentation of findings
    • Also a written document that details the project in full
    • We help facilitate internal debate about lessons to be learnt from the project
    • This may involve multiple presentations or workshops to develop discussion and to ensure that insights are embedded in the culture of the organisation

    Clarity of the brief

    Often people have an idea of some questions they want answering but have not thought through the detail of exactly who to ask, what to ask them, the best way of collecting reliable data never mind what action should then ensue
    We help people step back and consider why they are doing research. Is there knowledge and data within the organisation that, if dug out, already answers the brief? Should we be looking at desk research to establish background knowledge so as to identify gaps and then spend research money focussing on these areas rather than covering old ground again?

Marketing Disciplines

We have significant experience in many of the different parts of the product and customer lifecycle. Some of the marketing disciplines we have undertaken research for include:

  • Above the line advertising
  • Branding and Corporate Identity
  • Direct Marketing
  • Loyalty & Switching
  • New product development and launches
  • Online site development
  • Packaging design
  • Segmenting audiences into workable categories
  • 360 audits and reviews

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